JJ's West Country Cider

How to buy

Keg Ciders with S Type Fittings holding 11 gallons/88 pints

Keg Ciders with S Type Fittings

My Classic, APPS and Pear-fection ciders are to be dispensed through a cooler system in your chosen bar or catering unit. Each cider has a shelf life of 1 year from the date of purchase and all kegs are strictly for the collection of JJ’s Cider.

The kegs I’m using come with the S Type (sankey) fittings so can be connected to nearly all outlets and my stylish fish eye lenses showing the brand come both in round and oval to fit the more popular style of fonts. My Classic, APPS and Pear-fection ciders have a starting price of £88. However if more than one keg is ordered a discount can be offered and for a period of time there will be no V.A.T added to the cost!

Polly Pin Plastic Barrels holding 5 gallons/40 pints

Polly Pin Plastic Barrels

I have 5 scrumpy ciders and a perry to offer you in these containers. As mentioned they hold 40 pints and come with their own tap so can be placed anywhere off the ground and the cider dispensed straight into your glass. If you prefer to pull the cider through a hand pump this too is accessible, simply unscrew the top and place your line in. From the delivery date, if kept chilled, these scrumpys have a shelf life of 4 weeks. If however they are to be stored at room temperature or above the shelf life will then decrease to 3.

All my scrumpys and perry have a starting price of £50 and again for a period of time no V.A.T will be added. Please note a small deposit for each barrel and keg may be asked for; £10 deposit for the polly pins and £50 deposit for the kegs.

Bag in Box holding 20 litres/36 pints

bag in box

All 6 of JJ's scrumpys and perry are now available to buy in 20lt bag in box! Complete with its own tap the cider can be dispensed straight from the box or through a hand pump. (please note for hand pump use a line to tap connector must be fitted)

Buying these ciders in the bag in box option is ideal for pubs/bars, personal use and gifts for friends and family. As the cider within the bag is air tight it has a shelf life of 3 months when opened meaning there is no need to rush this wonderful cider! For all orders of cider in the 20lt bag in box container no deposits are required.

JJ’s Cider has just teamed up with a great dispatch company meaning I am now able to send all 6 scrumpys and perry in 20lt bag in box anywhere in the UK through the post Tuesday - Friday on a next day delivery! Payment for this service is required before your cider is dispatched and please note the recipient  should be at the delivery address on delivery date to sign!

Prices for all scrumpys and perry in 20lt bag in box are from £50 however if you are using the postal service, postage and packaging will be added at the at the current rate. Please get in contact for more details.


I will deliver free of charge to most parts of the south coast and will aim to deliver within 24 hours of order. Where delivery is unavailable i will use a courier service and add the cost to your bill. I operate a cash on delivery policy with every order and all barrels and kegs are strictly for the collection of JJ’s Cider. When a courier service is used payment must be completed before any goods will be sent!


Cider is a natural product so please consume within 3-4 weeks of purchase.
Please note that returns will not be accepted after 3 weeks from purchase date, and only if the product is faulty and when brought in the 5 gallon polly pin.

I will be happy to refund or exchange your product but only if the cider has turned or gone off early which is very rare. I can only accept returns on the basis of taste and not smell!